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Genres: Drama
Actors: M. Syukur Ramadan , Yogi Nugraha , Jajang C. Noer , Levina , Marcella El Jolia Kondo , Alex Komang , Ferdian , Febriansyah , Ario Bayu , Rieke Dyah Pitaloka , Mathias Muchus , Slamet Rahardjo , Tora Sudiro , Ikranagara , Cut Mini Theo
Director: Riri Riza
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (409 votes)

Film Review

This movie is definitely one of the best movie ever made by Indonesian director in recent years. This movie has overtaken Ayat Ayat Cinta (AAC) as the most seen movie in Indonesian's cinemas. The latest info from Indonesian newspaper says that total people watched Ayat Ayat Cinta was about 3.7 millions (final result) while Laskar Pelangi has acquired about 4 millions spectators as of end of October 2008 (after 1 month showing) and the movie is still showing in many theaters throughout big cities in Indonesia. It is expected that 5 millions spectators is within reached and this movie can be a new milestone for Indonesian Film.The story tells about 10 children known as LASKAR PELANGI (RAINBOW'S ARMY)and their brotherhood, honesty and most of all: spirit to conquers all barricades. This movie is helpful for parents who try to convince their children that results depend on effort and nothing is taken for granted. Besides, this movie is based on a real life story and all characters…

Even without comparing the movie with the novel, any sound moviegoers can find that Riri Riza, the director and co-writer of the movie (not the novel), is not in his top form. His usual go-for-detail is lost somewhere after 30 minutes of the movie.One of the most disturbing "mistakes" is the switch of story point-of-view (POV) somewhere in the middle of the movie. The story suddenly changes from flashback Ikal (POV first person) to the internal conflict of Bu Mus (POV of 3rd person). And goes back to Ikal again. Surely, this is never happen in the book. And surely, the decision to dig more on the life of Bu Mus result in more dramatic scenes and put more "human" into the ideal teacher. However, the sudden change in POV is a mistake nonetheless.The POV switch is also destroy the focus of the story. This is the story about the kids! The kids that fight for their dream and their hope with high spirit. The focus on Bu Mus and Pak Harfan ruin this, and all that I can se…

I came to watch this movie without much expectation and did not know anything about the hype that has been surrounding it. I sat down and ate my popcorn. Then the film started. I watch and watch and watch without noticing that 2 hours has passed and I woke up and now see world and a whole different angle.This is a story of our lives. We may notice or not, but millions of children were left out there without enough food, shelter, clothes let alone education. Watching this movie and saw how 10 brave rainbow warriors (title of the film) went through harsh life with tears and joy but without remorse, it really moved me how we always look above us with envy but not noticing (or worse, ignore) all the blessing that many other people may not have.two thumbs up for Andrea Hirata for sharing his life and be motivator for us to understand life better and thankful for the bless God gives us. And a standing applause for Riri Reza and the team for adopting the movie from a different angle. Thank y…


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